Our scientists have been working for decades to develop the most powerful cleaning products known to humankind. We firmly believe that just because you’re committed to providing the healthiest possible environment for your loved ones and for future generations, that’s no reason you can’t have the most powerful chemical cleaners conceivable, right in your own household. You aren’t satisfied with the average cleaners out there, and that’s where our products come in. Our Freek-E-Kleen Xtreem 2000 literally burns and corrodes through layers of dirt, grease, and underlying structures you didn’t even know were there.

But that still wasn’t good enough for our scientists. They went back into to the laboratory… and eventually came back out with Freek-E-Skreem-E-Kleen Xtreem 2000X. Pour this super-concentrated formula on any bathtub, bear rug, or hard rock tunnel-boring equipment, and you’d better duck and cover before the sudden cataclysm of extreme scream-cleaning power hits you explosively full in the face with a face-melting, bone-searing wallop you’ll never forget! It’s this commitment to improvement, to being satisfied only with the best, that keeps our scientists going and working incessantly for you, along with today’s restrictive labour market. That’s our philosophy, we’re damn proud of it, and we’ll say it again: only the most powerful cleaning products known to humankind.