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wanted: a good guy!!!

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I am very spontaneous! and fun. I believe in no regrets and you have to live your life to the fullest! lol. I was born and raised in Texas and i’m a country girl through and through. I am a bit nervouse about going online but all my girlfriends said I should do it so here I am! well here goes, I’m spontaneous and i like to travel and go out with friends and be outdoors and in the summertime you will often see me outdoors traveling with friends in the summer. My profile pic is from last summer when we went on a helicopter ride that was super scary but so fun! One of my girlfriends died when we crashed after I yanked spontaneously on the throttle :( but you can’t live in fear and i always say no regrets! I’m a free spirit and I like country music and watching movies. I am a bit shy at first but after you get to know me you will see that I am a wild girl at heart!!! ;) lol  You’ll get to know my mom too, I think she really likes you a lot already and she says I’m a wild girl cuz I was a feral child. Maybe that’s why i love watching sports and NASCAR so much! I’m a bit of a tomgirl but I love to make myself pretty and put on makeup and high heels and sequined fishnet bodysuits and go out on the town with my business colleagues! There’s never a dull moment with me, you have to see me to believe me ;) I have lots of tattoos and piercings and I like a guy who’s a little bit violent! ;) I don’t do drugs or drink or have sex so i can be a bit of a handful when I get into one of my slashy moods (I really like knives too!) but I’m really just a little pussycat who wants to be stroked. But not the wrong way cuz then my claws will come out! My mom (she’s my stepmom but I call her mom) and the cops say I’m exactly like Wolverine when my claws come out. Maybe that’s from when I was a feral child! I’m looking for a guy who’s fun and loyal and won’t abandon me like my birth father and who likes knives too. No jerks please! If you have a great sense of humour and love making me laugh and are funny message me pls! I hope you have a high pain tolerance too lol! I can give as good as i get! I work extremely hard at my management job in a leading securities firm during the day and I play even harder so I need a guy who can keep up to my frenetic pace so call me, I know you’re out there!

Ideal first date: maybe something casual and low-pressure like eating pizza while texting each other, or maybe something romantic like going out in ball gowns and suits and skydiving while getting married and eating pizza! Don’t laugh, I love pizza! If you laugh I’ll cut you with my favourite pizza cutter that I carry around! Srsly though I’m a bit old-fashioned and I like to be wined and dined and forced into arranged marriages and I love surprises! I might surprise you too! I like to bring my friends on my dates too, lots of guys think that’s weird but I’m a free spirit and anyway you don’t want me to cut you with my pizza cutter for realsies! ;)

Looking for: highly capitalized investors; a long-term polyandrous relationship