The Indirect Action Group was founded as a response to alarming new emerging trends in our society. Today, more than ever, in our society, we see an increase in these disturbing phenomena and a decrease in less troubling ones, especially in our society. The time to deal with these issues is now. The complex dynamics of an increasingly interconnected world have induced ever more interrelated intercomplexities. We must come to grips with these urgent challenges and grapple with these problems before it is too late. The only way to effectively engage with the ever-rising tide of compounded dynamic interphenomena is to network our community capital and mobilize in a dynamized co-evolutionary global system. By subverting dominant orthodoxies on the nature of action and governance and by communitizing intertextuality and fostering dialogue between voiceless marginalized community members, barriers to interconnectivity and virtual governance can be leveraged to catalyze a viral spread of transrational memes through emerging adaptive cooperative publics. This symbiotic intertransmission will transcend the hyperdigital divide and co-evolve with a synergistic tipping point phenomenon where posthegemonic pluralistic values will operate in a geopolitical learning positive feedback loop, thus fostering new opportunities for sustainable and cooperative intergenerational transcommunitarian engagement with powerful new metaphors and non-rationalistic iterative cooperative micro-discourses and our society’s increasingly nonlinear hypercomplex interdynamic n-dimensional endogenous metaphenomena and provide resources and an accessible forum for people to tell their stories and shape the larger conversation around which we must leave space for traditional modes of creative inter-rational knowledge which are deeply connected to culturally embedded dialogues of dimensionless place and cyclical models of resilient nonposttransinterhypermetaphenomenological worldviews.

Mission Statement

1. To theorize consumerism by problematizing the patriarchal locus of power in imperialistic plutocractic elites while critiquing constructs of tokenistic gender roles and postmodern coloniality and interrogating appropriations of pan-gendered cultural status signifiers by resisting exploitation of the agenda of sustainably crowdsourced subvertising confronting sizeism.

2. To de-privilege anti-holistic paradigms exploiting innovative recursive participatory alliances in civil societies by democratizing stakeholder action through inclusive systemic empowerment of diverse intersubjective logics while re-problematizing unsituated anthropocentric historicity and building capacity in radical expression of queer-positive intra-social solidarity.

3. To protest and decentralize representative advocacy support networks by celebrating the intrinsic value of progressively networked indigenous social media and re-politicized institutionality while resisting the trivialization of subsidiary perspectives on virtual at-risk urban market agency and anarcho-collaborative regime proto-deconstruction by providing necessary and sufficient conditions for the consensus-based facilitation of social activism aimed at subverting globalized corporatisms.