It’s the most wonderful time of the year — 6 Comments

    • Thank you for your feedback, int he future we will take care to minimize proffreading oversights in the future

  1. Isn’t it great that us women have so many options! I will tell you of my costume later, but not here on this public forum. I was recently enlightened to a new-to-me definition of Halloween: Pride for heterosexuals. Time to let your latent deviant side shine! That is not to say that gays can’t celebrate Halloween. It just means they are extra lucky and get TWO pride days. Yeah.

    • Finally, someone who isn’t a right-wing nut is starting to notice that there’s an overwhelming bias in our society in favour of the LGBTQ community. It’s like heterosexual people are second-class citizens and the whole world is set up to give all the advantages in life to those of minority sexual preferences. That’s what you meant, right?

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